Will tinted windows really reduce your energy bill?

Will tinted windows really reduce your energy bill?

The importance of windows in both residential homes and the office cannot be overemphasized. Apart from lightening up our homes and offices, it also allows for fresh ventilation. Windows also allows us to have to have a view of the outside world from the comfort of our home. Even with all these importance, windows still have one downside. The downside being that it makes your plain windows affect your energy bill. Yes! It makes it more expensive and most people do not know that. Click here to get how to reduce energy bills.

To reduce the effects of plain windows on your energy, window films are needed. These window films are what is generally known as tinted windows.

What is tinted windows?

Tinted windows are windows that have a thin piece of opaque and reflective film installed onto them. These tints are advantageous in several ways. Some of the advantages of windows tints is

  • Windows tints reduces glare.
  • Reduce heat.
  • Reduce the amount of uv rays that enters the home.
  • They beautify the home or office.

Will tinted windows really reduce your energy bill?

How does window tint Lower my bill

In carrying out all the aforementioned advantages, window tints save energy bills. Written below are some of the ways in which window tints can reduce energy bills.

  • Over 70% of the light entering your house is converted to heat. This heat can be kept out or reduced by using window tints.
  • When a bulk of the heat that is suppose to enter your home is kept out, you tend to use your cooling system less.
  • More than 48% of your energy bill is generated from your cooling systems. This percentage increases during the summer.
  • Now, window tints will keep 99% percent of that heat out. Hence, you will consequentially use your cooling systems less. Thereby reducing your energy bill.

Why window tints are better than curtains and blinds

Window tints are better because they last longer. They last for more than 10 years before you consider changing them. Curtains and blinds on the other hand have 2-3 yrs life span. Once again, window tints have helped you save cost. Learn more about residential window tinting affect on energy bill.

The glares from the sun are better taken care of by tints than by curtains and blinds. We all know that glares obstruct the cinematic experience in our homes sometimes. If you use a curtain or blind, you would have to shut it down to keep the glare out. But, with window tints, glares does not disrupt anything. You would be able to enjoy your movies without bothering to close the curtains. Checkout more about window tints on https://www.stevebergerphotography.com/will-window-tint-make-my-windows-really-dark/


It is totally normal for people to look for means to reduce the amount of money they spend per year. In fact it is important to always look for alternative that would make you spend less. Window tints offers that and even more.

With all the benefits I think wanting a window tint in your home or office should be a priority. However, you still need to be mindful of the company you patronize. Make sure to ask questions concerning the type of window films you want before patronizing them. Do that and start saving extra cost for both you and your family.